Adobe Sales Not Helped By Apple Relaxing iOS Developer Rules

Adobe has said that Apple relaxing its iOS developer rules has done little to improve the sale of Adobe products.

According to tech news site Wired, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has claimed Apple's change of heart has had a "muted" effect on Adobe product sales.

Adobe makes software that allow developers to create Flash applications and also convert them to the iOS format. However, a number of iOS app developers prefer to use the official Apple iOS SDK in order to get the best possible results.

Therefore, when Apple relaxed its rules, Adobe did not experience any sudden surge in sales as the software was bought by those iOS developers that were Flash developers initially, having a muted effect on sales.

When Apple had banned the use of third party tools for developing iOS apps, the company was criticised by both users and developers for restricting the creative freedom on the platform.

The ban was a part of Apple CEO Steve Jobs's plans to keep Adobe, and Flash, out of Apple's ecosystem as he believed Adobe products to be the reason behind instability on Apple platforms.