Android Enterprise Use Grows At BlackBerry's Expense

A new study has found that Android-based devices continue to rise at the expense of Research in Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry devices as the preferred smartphones for enterprise users.

According to a survey conducted by ChangeWave Research, which questioned 1,600 corporate IT buyers, 16 per cent of organisations were using Android-based smartphone devices, a rise of 60 per cent in the last three months.

RIM's BlackBerry continued to be the most used smartphone by corporate users with 66 per cent of companies using the device. However, RIM's figures have reduced by 4 per cent since May, indicating that the company is having a difficulty in preventing Android from cannibalising its market.

Apple was found to be used by 31 per cent of organisations, an increase of just over 3 pe rcent in the last three months.

Of all the prominent OS available in the market, Android has enjoyed the most growth. Being a new OS, Android has new markets to enter into and a huge scope for growth.

Other research firms have predicted the rise of the Android in the smartphone market, with Gartner claiming that the OS will surpass the BlackBerry OS and Apple's iOS to become the second biggest mobile operating system behind Symbian.