BBC blames computer glitch for DJ's lack of pay

The BBC has blamed a "computer glitch" for the fact that its leading DJ - overweight loudmouth Chris Moyles - hasn't been paid for two months.

Moyles launched an on-air attack on BBC bosses whom he branded "morons" during his Radio 1. "It's a huge F U to me," he whined.

"I haven't been paid since July. Why should I bother hauling my ass out of bed? Why should I come in to work? It's a huge lack of respect to me," Moyles compianed to his listener.

"I know the name of the moron in this building responsible. I don't do this for free, you know," he said.

Indeed he does it for an estimated half a million quid a year.

"Can you imagine if Terry Wogan or Chris Evans didn't get paid for two months? It wouldn't happen," Moyles blithered.

The blabbermouth DJ is reported to have recently split up with his girlfriend. "I slept on someone's sofa last night so don't speak to me about my life, you have no idea, my friend," he told a listener. Whether he slept there because he was so trolleyed he couldn't find the bed wasn't revealed.

The BBC blamed a computer for Moyles' lack of recent remuneration. A Radio 1 spokesperson told the Sun: "There was a computer glitch but Chris's payments are currently being processed."