Canada Drops Facebook Privacy Probe

The Canadian government has ended its privacy probe into social networking giant Facebook.

The Canadian privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has decided to discontinue the probe following the changes made by Facebook in its privacy policies, which match the expectations of Canadian privacy law.

She said that her office will continue to monitor the platform, however, especially the Facebook 'Like' button, in order to make sure that the company does not misuse users' privacy.

One of the main reasons for Canada to launch a probe against Facebook was the fact that it allowed third party applications and games developers unrestricted access to users' profile information.

Facebook later revamped the way information is shared with third party developers by introducing the permissions model, preventing them from accessing user's profile information unrestricted.

Stoddart said in a statement: “We’re also pleased that Facebook has developed simplified privacy settings and has implemented a tool that allows users to apply a privacy setting to each photo or comment they post.”