Dell plans seven-inch Streak

Dell founder and chief Michael Dell brandished a seven-inch tablet device on stage at an Oracle gig yesterday, sparking expectations that the gadget will soon see the light of day.

Dell launched its first tablet computer earlier this year. The initial Android-based Streak sported a five-inch screen, driven by a 1GHz Snapdragon chip built by Qualcomm.

Beyond hailing the bigger screen and confirming the new device will also run the Android OS, Dell declined to say anything else about the gadget. "Of course, it's nice to have a larger screen," the Wall Street Journal said he said.

Manufacturers and analysts have gone bananas about 'tablet' computers since Apple launched and flogged some 3.3 million iPads.

Pad trackers at iSuppli reckon some 15.4 million tablets will be shipped this year. Call us cynical but we reckon plenty of those will stay on the shelves they're shipped to.