Good Old Games returns from the dead

Much to the relief of many veteran gamers, Good Old Games is back up and running, now in its rebirthed and final incarnation.

Last night, many thousands of nostalgic gamers went to their beds and cried themselves to sleep, as they were still under the impression that the site would be going out of business, only to find out today that they were victims or a rather poor hoax.

The successful - if stress inducing - PR stunt that left users looking wide-eyed into their blank monitors, was revealed today as CD Projeckt relaunched the site in an-all new(-ish) layout.

It still looks like the Apple Store.

GoG did apologise for the less-than-elaborate hoax and proceeded to explain that they are merely poor businessmen that will take any opportunity to increase their profile (including dressing up as monks and posting silly videos on Youtube). More importantly, the rumours have been cleared up: no DRM, no buy-out and no collapse.

GoG has extended its portfolio by signing up Atari's catalogue, which will allow users to buy up gaming classics like Master of Orion, Baldur's Gate or even Total Annihilation, the first real multiplayer 3D RTS. The flood actually crashed the servers at lunch time (or at least flooded them long enough to be pulled) and regular fanboi activity resumed later in the afternoon. The company says it experienced 20 times the traffic norm following the (re-)launch.

Strangely enough a very small sample of users we asked never actually received any emails in their inboxes about the hoax nor any apologies for the fright.