Google launches Google New

Google has announced the launch of a new portal which it hopes will help users to find its latest and greatest creations, dubbed - imaginatively enough, Google New.

The site, which is live now, pulls in posts from Google's hundred-strong network of official blogs - but only those which relate to a brand-new technology, site, or service that the company is launching.

Ji Lee, of Google's Creative Lab, told Google-watchers that "we hope it helps you find something useful you've never tried before."

The site concentrates on providing a rich interface to the user, with a panel-style layout providing links to each Google blog posting plus a master pane at the top which provides a video showcase of Google's most proud achievement - at the time of writing, it's selling all and sundry the joys of Google Instant.

There's an innovative search system - as you would expect from the world's biggest provider of Internet search services - which allows users to drill down into the announcements based on particular products, specific areas of interest - including non-profit announcements, education, business, mobile, and entertainment - or based on user-provided key words.

The one key feature which is missing from Google New, sadly, is RSS support. While Google clearly wants people to use its shiny new interface, a single RSS feed which pulls in all the announcements from the company's many disparate blogs would have been extremely useful.

Google New is ready to visit on - and be sure to let us know in the comments if you find something particularly noteworthy hidden in its archives.