Google Street View Banned By Czech Privacy Watchdog

Google's controversial Street View mapping service has an uncertain future in the Czech Republic, as the Office for Personal Data Protection has banned search giant from collecting any more data for the project.

The Czech privacy watchdog, which has been investigating Google since April, said that its Street View service "disproportionately invades citizens' privacy" and will not be allowed to continue taking pictures unless they meet with Czech privacy standards.

Images already taken by the service have been allowed to remain on the web, however.

The main cause of contention between Google and Czech Republic is that the search giant has ignored the rules set-up by the privacy watchdog, which involve Google appointing a representative to act as a data controller. The company has so far failed to comply.

The Czech privacy watchdog said in a statement: “In order to provide the Street View service, Google Inc. uses technological processes that disproportionately invade citizens' privacy (e.g., setting up cameras that take shots beyond the extent of the ordinary sight from a street).”