INQ Mobile Working On Two Facebook Handsets?

More rumours have emerged about a potential pair of Facebook handsets that may appear on the market next year courtesy of INQ Mobile, a sister company to mobile phone operator 3 UK which specialises in designing and building smartphones.

It is not the first time that INQ Mobile will be building a Facebook mobile; there was one already out back in 2008 and it is therefore time for a significant upgrade to be released; furthermore, Facebook is likely to be significantly more involved this time around.

Bloomberg reports that three different sources familiar to the matter have confirmed that the two handsets will be coming to AT&T next year after having been launched in the first half in Europe.

Around 125 million users log on Facebook through mobile handsets and other wireless devices, that's around a quarter of the total number of active users and it is likely that Facebook will be looking at this segment to help it reach its first billion users.

No details have emerged about the phones themselves other than the fact that one will have a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen while the other will be a touchscreen only device.

It would be the first time that INQmobile would be releasing a touchscreen device of any sort and we expect that it will be available for less than £100 on PAYG or under £10 on a pay monthly, two-year contract.

Facebook strenuously denied earlier this week that it was going to release a Facebook mobile phone after technology blog Techcrunch broke the rumour.