Intel wants your eyeballs

Intel wants to know that you're looking at its adverts - and has launched a competition to see if anyone is actually paying attention.

Dubbed Intel In Sight, the company describes the project as "a picture scavenger hunt that rewards you for interacting with Intel," providing you've got an iPhone on or about your person.

The idea is simple - snap a shot of an Intel-related advert or other imagery and you'll "find and score points hidden inside." What do points mean?

As any game-show host will tell you, the answer to that question is 'prizes.'

The top scorer in the challenge - a prize level Intel has amusingly referred to as the "Core i7E level" - will win a Core i5-based laptop, while two runner-ups - at the "Core i7 level" - get a $250 gift card for Best Buy each.

If you just miss out, and sit in the mediocre "Core i5 level" between 2,500 to 3,999 points you could still get a prize - the top five in that bracket get a $100 gift card.

Finally, there's the 'did-you-even-try?' "Core i3 level," where the top ten scoring between 500 to 2,499 points will get themselves a $25 gift card.

Sadly, the competition is only open to US residents, who are invited to download the In Sight App from iTunes to participate - but the contest should be of interest to anyone from a marketing perspective.

While it's easy to put a new advertising scheme out there, you can't guarantee that people are looking at it - but with In Sight Intel has not only convinced participants to confirm that they've seen the advert 'in the wild,' but also to actively seek out Intel's advertising.

Only time will tell if Intel's project proves a success - but, at a cost of a thousand bucks worth of Best Buy gift cards and a mid-range laptop, plus whatever time it took to develop the app, we could well be seeing a new era of cheap, interactive marketing exercises.