KFA2’s Anarchy GTX 480 launches

KFA2 the European arm of Galaxy graphics cards has outdone the competition and launched a limited edition, pimped-out Geforce GTX 480 under the moniker "Anarchy".

The company specialises in taking reference cards and turning them into unusually powerful pixel-pushing machines by installing custom coolers, overclocking the GPU and slapping on a rather higher price tag.

Lo and behold.

In the case of the KFA2 Geforce GTX 480 LTD OC Anarchy (that's the full name), they've also redone the PCB. The Anarchy comes with a factory-overclocked GPU running at 760MHz (from the default 700MHz) and the shader is twice that at 1520MHz. The memory subsystem is slightly faster than the standard, with the 1.5GB of 900MHz GDDR5 clocking in at 950MHz, but still running on the 384-bit bus. Video connections add up to two DVI-I connectors and HDMI. It still uses two PEGs (6 and 8) to power the card, and the minimum power requirements for this beast demand a 600W power supply.

The cooling is provided by the Accelero Extreme Plus cooler has three 92mm fans pumping air onto five copper heatpipes to dissipate all that heat that precedes Fermi's reputation.

We can't imagine exactly how much power this is pulling and dissipating, but we'd recommend a rather spacious box to hook it up in... and keeping an eye out for that power bill.

No word on pricing, but then again, expect to pay a high price for the privilege.