Microsoft tells businesses to stay away from IE9

Microsoft is telling business users not to touch the new IE9 beta with a bargepole.

The software was made available to download last week and has already been installed by over two million punters. What with all that activity, business users could be persuaded to give the beta a stab. That would be daft, Microsoft advises.

"Until the final code of Internet Explorer 9 is released to the Web (RTW), we recommend businesses first move to Windows 7 Enterprise with Internet Explorer 8," said Rich Reynolds, Microsoft's general manager for Windows commercial product marketing, in a blog post.

Reynolds is plugging WIndows 7 and tells business users that IE 8 is the best fit for de-Vista'd OS, for the time being

"We still encourage you to explore the Internet Explorer 9 Beta," says Reynolds. But as it's a beta it may well fall over. Home users should have fewer concerns but may be best advised to to their banking and share trading on a different browser. Firefox springs to mind for some reason.