Retailer Drops Price Of 3G iPad 16GB Ahead Of Samsung Galaxy Tab Release

*** We've learnt that this is a one-off offer and part of Ebay's daily deal offers which means that the price will revert back to normal by tomorrow ****

A well-known UK online retailer has decided to cut the price of the new Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G version to £499, a move that might be linked to the forthcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Zavvi, which is one of the many outlets for THG (The Hut Group), is selling the 3G version of the 16GB device for £499 including free delivery.

From what we can see, the item is brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged in original packaging and comes with one year warranty. Stock appears to be plentiful and Zavvi has already sold 7 of them at the time of writing on Ebay.

The official price of the model is £529 at Apple Store while the Galaxy Tab can be found for as low as £592, nearly 19 per cent more than Apple's tablet.

Now the Samsung Galaxy Tab is superior to the iPad on a number of things; It can make calls and send texts and it has a proper camera as well while the iPad has a bigger screen and a much better battery life.

Why did Zavvi do that? What are its motivations? Why the 3G and not the rest of the range? Is Apple aware of this? Is this a covert attempt by Apple to clear some stock ahead of the launch of a new product?