Unveils Chatter 2 Upgrade has unveiled the upgrade to its Chatter enterprise social collaboration tool at the OpenWorld Conference in San Francisco.

The Chatter 2 tool allows enterprise users to create social profiles, share information with other users within the organisation and can be used for enterprise collaboration.

According to, the new Chatter version, which will be released in October, will come highly integrated with popular social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter, as well as have many other new features. said that Chatter has been designed keeping in mind the social tools popularised by Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO,, said in a statement: “The momentum behind Salesforce Chatter is astounding. The excitement we see from the industry and our customers is proof that the feed is the new desktop.”

Some of the features included on Chatter 2 include Chatter Filters, which will allow employees to view specific posts, Chatter Topics, which uses hashtags to combine their status with posts of on similar topic, Chatter Desktop and Chatter Files.