Samsung Galaxy S gets Android 2.2

Mobile phone network T-Mobile has announced it's to roll out the Google mobile OS update, to Samsung Galaxy S handsets on their network.

The news was made public by T-Mobile through their support forums, with a message that reads "We are pleased to announce that there will be a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S at the end of the month".

Google Android OS 2.2 brings in the ability to record HD video, along with using the handset as a portable hotspot - which is already a feature of the Galaxy S, thanks to Samsung's own customised software running on the mobile.

Android 'Froyo' 2.2 won't be delivered in the same way as it already has been to HTC Desires, via an over the air (OTA) notification message with the update being available from there. Instead, Samsung's own desktop software, entitled Kiess, will be notified of the update arriving where it can be downloaded and installed from a PC.

This isn't the most common way for Android updates to be installed, but it does have the added advantage of not impacting on the data allowance of the phone's accompanying tariff - if downloaded OTA.

There is an issue with this method, as anyone wanting to install the update has to use a Windows based computer, as there isn't a Kiess desktop client for the Apple or Linux.

T-Mobile UK Android update

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