Scaleform demos Tegra-based 3D tech

Scaleform has taken the wraps off a Tegra-based technology that promises to bring glasses-free 3D to tablets and smartphones.

Spotted by the roving reporters over at NetbookNews during Nvidia's GTC 2010, Scaleform offered a preview of an Android-based Tegra-powered device which runs an auto-stereoscopic 3D technology to offer a full 3D effect without the need to wear those dorky glasses.

A Scaleform spokesman explained that the firm was developing the wizardry to speed development on Nintendo's decidedly not Tegra-based 3DS hand-held - but confirmed that wasn't the only destination planned for the technology.

Scaleform is hoping that its technology will allow fully-immersive 3D gaming and innovative new user interfaces on a range of devices - all based around Nvidia's Tegra mobile graphics chipset.

With smartphones and tablets given specific mention - and a clear indication on the video that the prototype device is running Android - we could well be heading for a future of ubiquitous 3D across all our devices, from 3DTVs to PCs and laptops equipped with Nvidia's glasses-based 3DVision technology, right down to smartphones.

Sadly, Scalevision's spokesman didn't offer any clues as to when its technology would be hitting the market.

You can check out the video from NetbookNews below, although the three-dimensional effect doesn't translate well to a two-dimensional YouTube video.