Vanjoki Left Nokia Because Of Elop's Appointment

Anssi Vanjoki, the head of smartphone strategy who announced its resignation from Nokia recently, has revealed that he is quitting simply because he hasn't been chosen to replace the Finnish company's outed CEO.

Former Microsoft executive, Stephen Elop was chosen instead of the 20-year old veteran leaving him slightly bitter. Vanjoki told the WSJ that he is not sure where he will be going but given his credentials, finding another job shouldn't be an issue.

He is not going to leave the company immediately but has given a six month notice; likewise three other major Nokia figures - CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, UK boss Mark Loughran and chairman Jorma Ollila - are no longer part of the company.

By the way, he's the guy who declared that building phones on Android was tantamount to peeing in the pants to keep warm in winter.

In the WSJ interview, Vanjoki also identified two of the weaknesses of Nokia; the fact that Symbian had to be significantly overhauled to be able to compete with iOS and Android when it comes to touchscreen and the fact that the company is still week in the US market.