Amazon Upgrades Kindle For Android App

Amazon has released an upgrade for its Kindle for Android application, enabling users to perform various activities on smartphones running on Google’s Android operating system.

According to MSNBC, on Thursday Amazon launched an upgrade for its ‘Kindle for Android’ app, which will use a number of functions from its Kindle e-reader to enhance the reading experience on mobiles.

The makeover allows users to search by words or issue voice commands and browse through the web encyclopedia Wikipedia without needing to leave the application. The latest edition also allow users to add, delete or edit annotations and highlighted texts.

The Kindle for Android app enables users to automatically sync the noted and highlighted texts with other devices.

They can easily access additional data about the book from social networking site Shelfari, acquired by Amazon two years ago, which is dedicated to books.

Readers can also lock their screen view in portrait or landscape mode.