Google's YouTube Wins Spanish Copyright Case

Google has won a copyright infringement lawsuit against a Spanish broadcasting company, which had accused YouTube of allowing users to upload copyrighted material.

The internet search giant has won a landmark ruling against Telecinco, a Spanish broadcasting firm, in a federal court in Madrid, which ruled that YouTube was not responsible if its users uploaded copyrighted material on the platform, the Independent reports.

Telecinco had filed a lawsuit against Google’s video sharing service in 2008, accusing it of damaging the company’s business by allowing users to upload TV shows even before they were aired in the country.

However, the court declared that it is the responsibility of the content owner to identify the offending material and notify the service provider. The court also noted that You Tube has tools available to remove videos that infringe copyright laws.

“The win today confirms what we have said throughout this process: YouTube complies with the law. The ruling recognises that YouTube is merely an intermediary content-hosting service and therefore cannot be obliged to pre-screen videos before they are uploaded," a spokesman for Google stated.