HP Tablet Video Appears Online

A new video of what appears to be a HP-branded tablet has surfaced online, prompting questions about whether HP has killed the project or whether it has only been frozen, only to reappear later with Palm's WebOS.

The device comes with Windows 7 and is thicker than the iPad. More significantly, transitions do not seem to be as fluid or seamless as the Apple tablet.

There's a 3-megapixel camera (with a front facing model), a microphone, an SD card slot, a dedicated button to launch the onscreen keyboard and even a "ctrl-alt-del" button; the person who uploaded the video did point out that the tablet is only a prototype.

Leaked specs from April show that the device was supposed to have a 1.6GHz Atom Menlow processor, 1GB RAM, up to 64GB onboard storage and a 1024x600 capacitive touch screen.

In theory, WebOS should be compatible with an x86-based Atom processor but the issue has more to do with the power consumption than anything else.