IBM Breakthrough Highlights Atom Behaviour

Researchers at IBM have found a way to record the behavioural changes of an individual atom.

Scientists at IBM Research have made the breakthrough using a scanning tunnelling microscope to record the fast changes in an individual atom.

Using the technology, scientists will be able to determine how long an individual atom will be able to hold on to data, which could allow scientists to build smaller devices, and will help them create efficient photovoltaic cells and even boost development in quantum computing.

Sebastian Loth, an IBM post-doctoral researcher, will write a paper on the major breakthrough to be published in the notable Science journal. Loth claimed that the new method will be able to determine how environmental changes affect an atom.

Loth said in a statement to tech news site CNET: “If the environment affects atoms, I can do something with that. I can change the environment. I can move atoms together and try different things.”

"We're not building the next computer, but [we are looking to see] what we can do at the end of data density," he added.