IBM Ships First zEnterprise 196 Mainframes To Swiss Re

IBM has announced that it has shipped its first two IBM zEnterprise 196 mainframe systems to re-insurer Swiss Re.

According to IBM, the zEnterprise 196 mainframe system, which was released for sale on 10 September, has already been booked by leading retailers, financial firms and manufacturers across the world, in countries including United States, Switzerland, Italy and Brazil.

The zEnterprise 196 mainframe systems will allow Swiss Re, one of the largest re-insurers, to increase the flexibility in its accounting system and achieve higher data volume processing.

Markus Schmid, Swiss Re CIO, said in a statement: “The overall performance increase of the z196 is extremely impressive. However, the key benefit of the zEnterprise System will be the ability to integrate and manage workloads running on multiple servers as a single system.”

The zEnterprise 196 mainframe is by far the most advanced mainframe IBM has ever produced, containing 96 powerful processors capable of executing 50 billion instructions per second.