IBM Unveils Power7 Express Servers For SMEs

IBM has unveiled its Power7 Express range of servers targeted at small and medium sized businesses, which will allow them to significantly cut costs.

According to the IT giant, the four servers are being offered at an affordable price and are extremely easy to use, so that small organisations that derive the most savings from using them.

Andy Monshaw, general manager for IBM Global Midmarket, said in a statement: “We continue to develop and deploy the powerful technologies that growing businesses need to improve efficiency, innovate and scale for future growth.”

The Power7 servers are designed to allow small and mid level businesses to run mobile applications, analytics tools, virtualisation and cloud based systems. The servers will allow clients to operate within the compliance norms.

Apart from launching the servers, the company has also released software which is designed to allow the servers to become heavily integrated with enterprise planning platforms, including SAP, JD Edwards, Lawson and Infor.