Microsoft Adds LinkedIn And Facebook To Windows Live

Microsoft has updated its Windows Live service to add LinkedIn and Facebook chat to its existing Hotmail and Messenger components.

According to the company, the LinkedIn and Facebook integration will allow users to stay connected with friends and colleagues on one common Windows Live platform by changing tabs.

The company said via blog post that users will be able to keep their contact list organised across Hotmail, Messenger and the rest of Windows Live by using the auto-linking feature.

Users will be able to keep in touch with their LinkedIn contacts using Windows Messenger and allow them to share updates as well.

“With nearly 50% of users actively using 2 or more social networks, linking social networks together becomes a messy business for your contact list if not handled with care,” Microsoft explained.

The company said that adding multiple contacts across multiple platform can create duplicate records, which become difficult to manage. For this purpose, the Windows Live update will automatically clean-up the contact list.

“When you make the LinkedIn connection with Windows Live, your LinkedIn contacts are automatically linked to the same contact you already have stored in Windows Live, so that you have one record with the combined set of information,” the company said.