Now Oracle wants to make chips

Oracle is out and about, sniffing around semiconductor companies it might like to buy up, according to the US' third richest bloke, Larry Ellison.

“You’re going to see us buying chip companies,” Ellison told yesterday's Oracle’s annual meeting in San Francisco, Bloomberg reports.

The outfit is still digesting the remains of Sun Microsystems, which it snaffled up at the beginning of the year. Sun makes its own server chips, of course. Quite what sort of chip maker Ellison would like to get his hands on remains to be seen, but he hinted that he's keen to follow Apple's lead in owning more of the IP in products it makes.

Bloomberg reckons that Oracle has more than $23.6 billion sloshing about with which to purchase a chip maker or two. Although Ellison also said he wants to buy more software firms too.

Oracle recently hired HP's ousted CEO Mark 'I-did-not-have-sex-with-that-woman' Hurd, and seems intent on positioning itself as and hardware, software and services company in the HP mould.

“We want to play in every important industry,” Ellison said.