Nvidia Outlines GPU Roadmap

GPU maker Nvidia has unveiled the detailed roadmap it intends to take for future graphics card products, at the GPU Technology Conference.

Nvidia's Fermi range of graphics cards was criticised by users and PC makers for being too power hungry. Therefore, Nvidia will look to address the problem by introducing the Kepler graphic card platform in 2011, which will be designed to give improved per-watt performance.

According to Nvidia, Kepler will be followed by Maxwell in 2013, which will be designed to give 16 times better performance than Fermi.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, who disclosed the company's roadmap during the conference, said that while Fermi was capable of performing at 1.5 gigaflops per watt, Kepler will be 3-4 times more performance oriented.

Maxwell, on the other hand, will be on a different level, performing 16 times better than Fermi.

Explaining the prowess of Fermi graphic card line, Huang said that Fermi was not only being used in the GeForce gaming line, but also for high performance computing products.