Pentagon Networks Vulnerable Says Cyber Command Chief

The Chief of the Cyber Command for the United States has declared that the Pentagon's computer network is vulnerable to massive cyber attacks.

In a news report published by the Christian Science Monitor, the new chief commander of the Cyber Command division has stated that network security at the defence headquarters of the US does not meet the expected security standards.

While addressing the House Armed Services Committee in his first hearing, General Keith Alexander said that the IT networks at the Pentagon are vulnerable windows for terrorists, cyber criminals, hackers and foreign intelligence agencies, to mount a cyber attack against the US.

“Those threats to our national security in my opinion are real.At the unclassified level, we have stated that we see probes and scans to our networks that come up on the order of 250,000 times an hour," the cyber chief announced.

The top commander, who holds complete responsibility for protecting networks at the US military from cyber attacks, has also hinted that the Defence department of the country and White House are working together to reach a solution.