Samsung Galaxy Tab unveiled

Samsung has unveiled a live video demo of its up-coming seven-inch Android-powered tablet, the Galaxy Tab.

The video, an official release from Samsung, represents the first live footage of the device in action - and there are some interesting features on display in the ten-minute demo.

Firstly, the operating system is confirmed as Android 2.2, and it appears that in-browser support for Adobe Flash 10.1 will ship with the device as standard - giving the Samsung Galaxy Tab a one-up on its larger rival, the Apple iPad.

The browser has also been tweaked to include HTML5 support for the growing number of sites that are adopting the new web standard, with Canvas support included - good news for those who don't like Flash, in other words. Maybe Steve Jobs will buy one.

A two-pane e-mail layout display with pinch-to-zoom multi-touch functionality will make owners of other Android devices green with envy, while a custom calendar application offers integration with Google Calendar, Facebook, and your corporate calendar via Microsoft Outlook.

Like the iPad, the Galaxy Tab includes full-screen viewing and editing of common document types like Microsoft Word and Excel, although Samsung warns that only "simple editing" is supported.

Using the device as a smartphone is also demonstrated, although you're not expected to hold it to your ear - instead, Samsung recommends the use of a Bluetooth headset or the in-built speakerphone. Interestingly, Samsung also shows off a video-sharing app much like Apple's FaceTime.

Samsung also demos its ReaderHub and MusicHub features, which offer quick access to music and e-books both for free and commercial paid-for versions.

The 1024x600 display looks crisp in the footage, and the HDMI output to a larger screen in 1920x1080 resolution is something iPad owners can only dream about.

With a range of accessories demonstrated - including a desk dock and a keyboard dock for quicker text entry - the Galaxy Tab is looking like an impressive piece of kit, but the question still remains whether it can steal sales from Apple's runaway iPad.

You can check out the video and judge for yourself below.