Top Weekly Technology Terms : Mobile, Facebook, Youtube

Each week, we will crawl in Google's Insights For Search (IFS) section in four different categories (Social Networks & Online Communities, Telecommunications, Computers & Electronics & Internet) to let you know what tech-related topics are currently hot.

Even with the launch of a slew of new products over the past few weeks - including Internet Explorer, the HTC Desire and the new Nokia handsets - the bulk of the technology related terms in the UK remained the same; The top five terms are still int the same order with the word "mail" appearing in the top 10 and "weather" kicked out.

"Download" & "Facebook" make a surprise appearance in the top 10 searched terms in the last 7 days in Computers and Electronics at number three while "Windows 7" and "dell" are no longer hot terms.

Facebook, Login Facebook and Youtube still squat the first three spots in the "social network and online communities" category. Plenty of fish is still swimming around and interestingly, Login Facebook and Facebook Login appear to be considered as two separate entries by Google.

The Telecommunications category has seen the biggest change with the term "mobile" zooming up to first place and iPlayer pushing Twitter out of the top 10. Overall, O2 remains the most searched mobile phone operator while the "iPhone" is the most queried mobile phone.