Trenton launches dual quad-core uATX

Systems with dual quad-core processors have long been a mainstay of the server market, but the large board size has kept them away from embedded systems - until now.

Server specialist Trenton has released what it claims is the world's first MicroATX motherboard capable of supporting dual quad-core processors and shipping with PCI Express 2.0.

The Trenton JXM7013 motherboard - designed for embedded computing systems in industrial, medical, and military markets - takes a pair of quad-core Intel Xeon C5500 'Jasper Forest' processors to offer eight processing cores.

Depending on which Xeon C5500 model is chosen, the finished system will have a combined cache of between 8MB and 16MB, and a clock speed per core of between 1.73GHz and 2.53GHz.

The engineers at Trenton have even managed to squeeze support for up to 48GB of RAM onto the board, thanks to the use of space-saving Mini-DIMM sockets.

The remainder of the specifications are pretty sedate, with the board featuring a SATA II controller with integrated RAID support, PS/2, USB, DVI-I video, and analogue audio ports, and dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity as standard. There's also XGI Volari Z11Man integrated PCIe-driven GPU, although the 8MB of RAM means you won't be gaming on this particular board.

Trenton indicated that the board is ready for customers now, but has yet to confirm pricing - and given its industrial and military target markets, it's likely to be a premium bit of kit.