Two Zacate SKUs revealed

AMD's first go at a combined CPU+GPU is just around the corner and, it seems, the names for the first two models are already out and about.

According to Xbit Labs, AMD is planning to launch two desktop SKUs in early 2011 targeting the lightweight desktop (aka Nettop) segment. These will be called the (Bobcat) dual-core E350 and the single-core E240. The chip is presumed to be the same, only with one core disabled to create a single-core version. The dual-core will be rated as an 18W part, as AMD had previously announced. You'd expect the single-core version to come in under that.

Being based on AMD's Fusion Bobcat core, both will offer some beefy DX11 graphics with an overhauled video processing unit, UVD 3.0 and a single-channel DDR 1333MHz memory controller. The host platform for these processors will be Brazos, which Xbit says, will consist of the above APUs, Hudson D1 fusion controller hub, a single PCIe 2.0 x4 bus branching out into four PCIe x1 slots. Six SATA 300 ports will provide a ton of storage together with 14 USB ports.

The quirkiest morsel of info here is the fact that Brazos lacks RAID and Gigabit Ethernet. If you want added functionality, you'll have to resort to companion chips. We expect the clock speed on both SKUs to be 1.6GHz.

Xbit further points out that the fact that these APUs still go by their core name mean that AMD will break out a new brand-name for Bobcat-based APUs. Although if you ask us, Fusion E350 or Fusion E240 is good enough and would save AMD a pretty penny as the name is almost synonymous to CPU and GPU integration, these days.