Apple, Google, Intel Named In US DoJ Hiring Collusion Crackdown

The US Department of Justice has announced a settlement with six major US corporations, ordering them to dismantle the "anticompetitive employee solicitation agreements" signed by them, allowing them to poach each other's employees.

The companies involved in the settlement are Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe, Intuit, and Pixar (ed : interesting that Steve Jobs has some serious interested in two of those companies).

All of them had signed secret agreements that prevented them from cold-calling each other's employees for other employment opportunities.

The DoJ said in a statement that the agreements "eliminated a significant form of competition to attract highly skilled employees, and overall diminished competition to the detriment of affected employees" who were deprived of better work opportunities.

The DoJ found in its investigation that the practice allowed the companies to prevent an employee salary bidding war thereby preventing the salaries from being inflated by employees prepared to leave their jobs for more money.

Particularly, the DoJ mentioned existing agreements between Apple and Adobe, Apple and Google and Google and Intel.