Digg Traffic Drops By 34 Per Cent, Redesign Blamed

New statistics revealed that Digg has lost more than a quarter of its readership in the United Kingdom, after its redesign in August.

Market Research firm Experian Hitwise has informed that social bookmarking website Digg has lost nearly 34 percent of its readership in UK and nearly 26 percent in the US, after the website was redesigned a month ago.

"Having been a paragon of social bookmarking with over 40 million unique visitors a month at its peak, there has been a huge exodus of traffic thanks to an unpopular redesign which irritated a legion of faithful power users," wrote Robin Goad, director of research at Hitwise UK in a blog post.

Users have voiced their opinion of discontentment from the very first day of the public launch of the fourth version of Digg and the redesigned version had been hit with glitches ever since it was launched.

The new CEO of Digg, Matt Williams told that he still believes in the new design although the damages might be irreversible.