Fines For Silent Cold Calling To Rise To £2m

The UK government has hiked the amount of fine for companies that make silent or abandoned calls to individuals.

According to the Independent, companies that make silent calls to the members of public could be fined up to £2 million looking to decrease the nuisance created by the practice.

Phone calls that are generated from automatic IVR systems and other centres for several purposes including marketing have been termed as silent calls by the telecommunication regulator Ofcom.

“Silent calls are incredibly unnerving. Government will not stand by and let firms plague consumers without consequence which is why we have made the maximum penalty for silent calls 40 times larger to reflect the seriousness of the issue.” stated Ed Vaizey, the communication minister.

Ofcom has welcomed the decision to increase penalty for silent calls and it has begun to amend its policies for tracking such calls and make new rules applicable.