iPod Touch To iPhone Creators Explain Decision

The engineers behind the Apple Peel project have defended their design, an iPod Touch accessory, stating that they are inventors and not cheaters.

The Apple Peel team members, Chinese siblings Pan Lei and Pan Young, who came up with a device termed as Apple Peel 520 which turns an iPod Touch from Apple into an iPhone, have come out in defense of their software clarifying that their product is not a counterfeit.

The software device, Apple Peel 520 is a closed case integrated with a circuit board and a battery which covers the iPod Touch. Users can make calls with their media player device after installing the software.

“We’re capable of coming up with something original, We’re also very creative. Not just getting a Nokia phone and copy, getting Apple and copy, or a Samsung phone to copy as well. It shouldn’t be like that.” stated the 25 year old Pan Lei who previously worked at as an interior designer.

The other member of the team, Pan Young, 23 is a qualified software engineer and they both founded the Yosian Technology company in Shenzen, China.