Microsoft Is Biggest Google Rival Says CEO

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has acknowledged Microsoft's Bing as the search engine giant's chief competitor.

In an interview with Charlie Rose on the PBS Network, Schmidt said that Bing was 'doing well' in the search market and was backed by a company that has a 'storied reputation of technology innovation' and a huge financial clout.

Google's search engine has dominated the US and global search market for a long time now, with Microsoft's Bing, even after a search partnership with Yahoo Search, doing little to harm its market share.

Meanwhile, according to Google, social networking giant Facebook, which is considered by many to be the Internet giant's main rival, has been a boon for the company as Facebook users use Google more.

“We studied very carefully the impact with Facebook and Facebook users use Google more, so we love Facebook for that reason,” he said.

Schmidt also revealed that Google had recently extended its agreement to provide search services to Apple.

Both companies together with Intel, Adobe, Intuit and Pixar hsave been named in a settlement case by the department of Justice.