No Tethering For Windows Phone 7 Says Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft has declared that Windows Phone 7 devices will not come with support for tethering despite previous rumours.

Tethering allows the users to turn their smartphones into wireless hotspots using any 3G network, in order to connect laptops and other devices to the Internet.

“Windows Phone 7 does not support tethering,” Microsoft said in an official statement, but did not say why this was the case.

The announcement is contradictory to the claim made by Microsoft's director of Windows Phone 7 Brandon Watson, who told Engadget that the phone will support tethering, if the mobile service provider allows it.

Google's Android 2.2 and Apple's iPhone, along with RIM's BlackBerry devices come with tethering capabilities, a functionality which is quite popular with consumers.

Microsoft's decision to not allow tethering on Windows Phone 7 might hamper the sales of the device when it becomes available.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone 7 range of devices will be offered by all the 5 UK mobile services providers, with the first Windows Phone 7 device being at an October 11th event in New York.