Nokia May Use Windows Phone 7 Says Report

Several sources have confirmed to respected technology website Venturebeat that the Finnish company may be looking to use rival mobile platforms including Microsoft's in order to become competitive again.

The site says three sources have corroborated the rumours and that the arrival of former Microsoft employee Stephen Elop as CEO may hasten things significantly.

Nokia currently uses S40, Symbian^3 and Meego to power its handsets and smartphones. A fourth operating system may give a significant boost to Microsoft while Android is almost certainly out of the picture after Nokia's soon-to-leave head of smartphone compared using the Google backed mobile platform to peeing in one's pants for warmth.

Nokia has already partnered with Microsoft in the past with Microsoft Communicator Mobile being ported to some Nokia smartphones and a mobile version of Office Mobile rumoured to be in the labs.

Mobile phone operators in the UK have all given their blessing to Windows Phone 7 and we're expecting a big push from the company to counteract the growth of Android and the iPhone.

The question remains though; with Meego around the corner, does Nokia really need Windows Phone 7, a platform that doesn't even allow copy and paste, to succeed?