Stuxnet Worm Almost Certainly Coded By A Nation

Security experts believe that Stuxnet, one of the most sophisticated piece of malware according to some expert, could well have had the support from the government agency of a nation.

The worm named Stuxnet, which is said to aim at destroying computer system networks in industries, could be a work of any government agency because of its complexity.

"We can tell by the code that it's very, very complex to degree that this type of code had to be done, for example, by a state and not, for example, some hacker sitting in his parent's basement," stated Eric Chein, an expert at security firm Symantec.

Chein also added that the code of Stuxnet does not consist of anything which could point us to its creator or source computer.

The malware, which has attacked the controversial Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran, is believed to be the work of Israel military services.

According to vice president of security firm Lumension, Alan Bentley, the botnet is one of the most refined form of malware ever developed and used a whopping four zero-day exploit to carry out its processes.