£79 Nokia 5230 Gets Overclocked To 800MHz!

Someone has managed to overclock a cheap mobile phone, the Nokia 5230, to a whopping 800MHz by using a software called ROMPatcher Plus, that could be applied to all existing Nokia Symbian devices around.

Given that the phone costs £79 on PAYG and is available on Pay Monthly for under £10 per month, it is a truly remarkable feat.

The original ARM11 CPU was clocked at 434MHz, which means that the overclocked pushed the original speed by 84 per cent.

Now doing so will have a noticeable impact on the battery life, possibly decreasing it by around 33 per cent and potentially making the phone significantly warmer. On the other hand, a faster phone means less wait to execute tasks.

The 5230 is one of Nokia's more popular touch screen devices and comes with a 3.2-inch screen that can display 640x360 pixels, the same as higher end models like the Nokia N8 or the Nokia C7.

Even at this cut-down price, it offers 3G capabilities and a FM player. There's no Wi-Fi though and the camera with only a two-megapixel one.

That said, with a talktime of up to 7 hours, built in GPS, Bluetooth and up to 16GB onboard storage, it is worth a serious look if you want to get a cheap entry level handset.