ACS:Law Hit By E-Mail Leak

ACS:Law's entire website content and company’s e-mail correspondence has surfaced on the internet.

Andrew Crossley Solisitor (ACS), a law company that specialises in assisting people on intellectual property laws, has suffered a major setback in its fight against piracy after an anonymous source uploaded a link to its entire e-mail archive on Pirate Bay to be seen and accessed by millions of users, Softpedia reports.

The controversial law firm was recently attacked by a Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) launched by an anonymous group, against the law firm's operation, termed as ‘Operation Payback’, against alleged file sharers. Operation Payback targets illegal file sharers and forces them to pay a hefty fine or face legal action.

The attack was dismissed as rubbish by the firm's CEO Andrew Crossley, who said it was less important than waiting 10 minutes for a train or standing in queue for coffee, in a statement to the Register.

However, critics believe the recent actions of exposing the entire e-mail archive publicly is a slap on the face of Crossley.

"We’re still sorting through it. There’s a lot of stuff here to go through. But, basically, we were told we were less important than a 10 minute late train, or a queue for coffee by Andrew,” announced members of the anonymous team.