Chinese Demand For The iPhone 4 Outstrips Supply

Mobile services provider China Unicom has claimed that demand has outstripped supply for the iPhone 4 in Mainland China.

China Unicom has revealed that it does not have enough supply to fulfill the demand for the iPhone 4 in China after only the first week of its launch, reports the Wall Street Journal.

According to the WSJ, the company has received nearly 200,000 pre orders for the iPhone 4 in its debut week, while around 40,000 customers have managed to buy the older third generation iPhone by now.

Spokeswoman for Apple Natalie Kerris has stated that the stock will be upgraded in the next few days and that buyers should keep checking on the website or stores in China. However, she refused to acknowledge the report or revealed details about the company's future plans in China.

The iPhone 4 is already very popular in China's infamous gray market and has become a status symbol for high-flying Chinese businessmen.

Chinese nationals in the United States have been in the news for allegedly buying the device at US market prices and selling it off to middlemen to be shipped to China or to e-shopping portals for higher prices.