Discover Facebook Pages Launched

Facebook has released a new a feature that allows users to browse community pages on the platform.

The new Discover Facebook page will present the users with thumbnail sized images of various communities on the platform, which they can then 'Like' or visit.

In order to 'Like' a particular community, users will have to place the cursor on the image and click on the 'Like' button when it pops-up. Users wishing to visiting the community can do so by clicking on it.

The right side of the Discover Facebook page will contain a list of friends that 'like' the same communities as the user. This will allow the users to determine which things they have in common with their friends.

Ben Blumenfeld, a designed at Facebook, wrote on a blog post: “We've even added a couple fun things like a way for you to discover interests from other countries and a way to see which of your friends is most similar to you.”