Exploding Mobiles Hit Assam

Several people in the Indian state of Assam have been admitted to hospitals after their mobile phones exploded when receiving a call number highlighted in red color.

According to tech news site PC World India, around 30 cases of exploding mobile phones have been reported in Assam and 20 people have been admitted to the hospital after getting injured from the blast.

Victims have also complained of nausea, splitting headache and unconscious after their mobile phone exploded when it received the mysterious phone call.

The police officials in-charge of the investigations first thought that the low-quality, cheap Chinese mobile phones were exploding due to some kind of technical fault, but later they found that most of the handsets were made by 'genuine brands' like Nokia, Motorola and Samsung.

Mujib Ali, one of the victims, told IANS: “I got a phone call from an unknown number and I noticed on my handset that the numbers were highlighted in red colour. Soon after I received the call, there was a loud sound and I was left unconscious.”