Google Celebrates 12th Birthday With New Doodle

Google has uploaded a new cake shaped doodle on its search engine home page to celebrate its 12th anniversary today.

The Mountain View, California-based internet search giant has taken special permission from the Visual Artists and Gallery Association (VAGA) of New York to upload a classic painting by Wayne Thiebaud as its logo, tech news site Erictric has revealed.

Thiebaud is an emminent 89 year old painter, based in Los Angeles, California and is famous for his association with the Pop Art movement of America.

The painter is known for his pictures of cakes, pastries, toys, lipsticks and other things signifying the Pop Art culture.

Although the company remains doubtful about the date when it was established, 7 September is known to be its birthday. The company went on to decide 27 September as an official anniversary date after celebrating it on the seventh of the same month for a few years.

The companywas registered on 15 September, 1997, however.