Google Warns Gmail Users Of Hacking from China

Google is sending automated warning messages to Gmail users to alert them about increasing hacking attempts on Gmail accounts from China.

According to tech news site The Next Web, Gmail users have been welcomed by a red banner while trying to log in to their personal e-mail accounts, warning them about hacking attempts and advising them to change passwords immediately.

The issue, which came to notice on Thread Post, revealed that Google has blamed an Internet Protocol Addresses (IP) located in China for conducting massive attempts to sneak in to the personal accounts of Gmail users across the world.

“Warnings appeared when users logged onto Gmail, encountering a red banner reading "Your account was recently accessed from China," and providing a list of IP addresses used to access the account,” the Thread Post has quoted.

The report has revealed that one of the privacy rights activist in the United States who raised his voice against China's Internet censorship laws, found his Gmail account compromised.

The company has notified that hackers do not have any particular pattern.