Halo : Reach To Get Downloadable Content Soon

Those who have purchased Halo : Reach will be able to get some extra more content from the first person shooter game as Bungie may be releasing downloadable content for the epic game.

The official developers behind the Halo franchise encouraged gamers in their blog to install Halo : Reach on their Xbox 360 hard disk drive, saying that the game had been "optimised for it" and accidentally released a few screenshots about unannounced details.

Amongst these were a step by step guide to the installation and screenshots with Gamerscore and Achievements available with the former being hiked to 1250 and the latter to 59.

Halo : Reach has proved to be a massive hit worldwide bringing in more than $200 million in revenue for the first 24 hours and nearly doubling the sales of the Xbox 360 gaming console over the same period.