iPhone 4 jailbreak getting closer

iPhone 4 owners waiting for a working jailbreak for the latest Apple handset will be pleased to hear about a new exploit called SHAtter.

The hack has been demonstrated on the latest version of the iPod Touch and the iPhone Dev Team reckons it's only a matter of time before the exploit is wrapped up in a user-freindly package and released to the waiting public.

Rumours suggest that SHAttered could even make its way into the world as a web-based hack in a similar form to jailbreakme.com, which only required users to visit a specially-crafted website in order to install the circumvention code.

The Dev Team blog also says that any resulting hack will preserve baseband and carrier unlocks even after official Apple updates.

No release date has been mentioned but we suspect the hackers will wait until Apple releases the iOS4.2 update, which will consolidate the operating system across the complete range of iDevices including the poor neglected iPad, in November.