Kinect To Support Sky player

Microsoft has announced that the Sky Player app on its Xbox 360 games console will support the upcoming Kinect motion sensing gaming peripheral.

The company said that when using Kinect, UK users will be able to browse Sky Player menus, pause TV programs, rewind and fast-forward using only hand gestures.

The new motion sensing gaming technology from Microsoft will launch on 10 November in the UK.

Microsoft said in a press release: “Selecting a favourite show, changing live channels, or easily scrolling forward and back through on-demand content is all made possible by a simple wave of a hand.”

The Sky Player application allows Brits to watch their favourite TV shows online. People can view all programs that are available to them on their Sky TV package.

With added support for Sky Player on Kinect, Microsoft is looking to pitch the peripheral as the ultimate video gaming/entertainment device for consumers' living rooms.

Meanwhile, rival Sony, with its Move motion gaming peripheral has announced no such additions for the device. The PlayStation Move is targeted it at hardcore gamers.