LG sounds out Shazam

Consumer electronics manufacturer Lucky Goldstar has teamed up with popular music identifying service Shazam, by bundling in their paid for application on their handsets.

LG is now pre-installing the Shazam Encore app, their non-free version of the music tagging service for mobile phones - starting with the Android run LG Optimus GT540.

Shazam Encore normally costs £2.99 upfront, where the LG rolled-out version is free for 7 days with the user either paying the full price at the end of a week or the app reverts back to just identifying 5 tracks a month for free.

The Google mobile OS application automatically recognises an unlimited amount of tracks, whilst even offering up an option to buy the music, read reviews and view the lyrics.

Encore can also provide information such as tour dates for the identified artists, biographies, discographies and watch their YouTube videos - amongst other music related features, which aren't available in the basic version.

This music service is the 'go to' app when trying to work out an unknown piece of music and is used by mobile devices, the world over.

Shazam is used by more than 75 million people and the number increases by a million each week, where both the company and LG expects this number to grow by pre-installing the application on all their mobile phones.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com